Offended by the term coloured? Let me show you what real racism looks like.

All the screeching about comments like Amber Rudd referring to a ‘coloured’ woman rather than a ‘person of colour’ or Angela Smith saying ‘funny tinge’ suggests to me that brown and black people in the UK have little idea what real racism is like.

So I thought I’d share some of my experiences with brown men to help them understand.

I’ll focus on Turkey, where my family moved in the early 1990s because of my father’s job with the UN’s refugee agency, the UNHCR. I was 17, my sisters were 12, 11 and 2.

We are all blonde and every single time we left the house – every single time – we were leered at, jeered at, hissed at, spat at, mocked, touched, groped and propositioned. 

Men would stop on the street and stare. This was rarely at our faces as that denotes humanity. Instead they would survey our bodies, examining us like pieces of meat to purchase and consume.

Cars would beep furiously and then slow down so the occupants could gawp at us and mock us. The phone would ring within minutes of my little sisters coming home from school so the men could explain how they were going to sodomise them. 

One of my sisters had sperm thrown on her when she was 12. Another had a taxi driver stick his hands between her legs when she was 11.

I was hit several times in the face by men I stood up to. Once this happened right outside the Turkish President’s palace. His guards saw me being punched and then joined in the hooting and hissing and guffawing.

There is, of course, much history here for the Turks. After conquering and colonizing the Christian Byzantine Empire, the Muslim Ottomans set about colonizing the Balkans and South East Europe as well as trying to colonize the rest of Europe – the Yugolsav wars were one legacy of this Islamic colonisation,

The Ottoman rulers liked to pick their sex slaves from the blond and red-headed European girls they so desired, so objectified and othered, and often enslaved them in their Harem where they  bred the future rulers of their Empire. 

Similarly, the Muslim slave traders of the Barbary states who enslaved Christian Europeans for 200 years also liked blond and red-headed Europeans to rape and other. 

The Islamic State genocidaires who annihilated the Yazidi also put a particularly high price on blonde children.

Interestingly Europeans don’t pout and complain about ‘historical oppression’ and ‘historical marginalization’ and ‘reparations’ etc…etc…in relation to this, but then some cultures, like some people, are more mature and advanced than others. 

Mind you, much of this extreme racism and othering is not historical. White girls – some as young as 11 – are being gang-raped, tortured and prostituted in their thousand up and down the length of this land as we speak because of their race.

And I haven’t even started with the anecdotes about how Caribbean, Hindu and Latino men behave towards white women. I’ll save that for another post.

So if you’re clutching your pearls over comments like ‘coloured’ and ‘funny tinge’ grow the hell up. Quickly. Or don’t expect to be taken seriously. 

The end

10 thoughts on “Offended by the term coloured? Let me show you what real racism looks like.”

  1. Thanks for putting some hard needed perspective here.
    People should be protected from racial slurs and such, but in more and more cases it seems more like language police than actual purposely made slurs.
    This moves away attention from actual racism to trivialities.
    Please keep up your posts. I have been working in the field for a well known international medical (emergency) aid organizaition and left it with a completely different view to their operations and morale than when I started.
    For now I have not yet chrystalized my thoughts about this as it requires a bit more clarity. Hopefully you can provide this as I sense that you have quite a bit up your sleeve.
    All the best!


    1. Thankyou for this. You’ve described my daughters and my experience in Luton outside of our home. Inside our home we sat night after night whilst the man next door beat his wife and his children screamed as they watched. He would repeatedly kick our front door in because he heard us using a hairdryer or talking on a telephone or even sitting chatting. When my sons came to visit large groups of men would arrive and hang out side waiting for them to leave. My sons and other visitors would have to walk through the middle of them whilst they intimidated them and spat at them. On Fridays the furniture would be moved out of their home and huge amounts of men would arrive to pray in the home. This went on for years. We finally threw the towel in and moved when they started burning garlic, everything we owned stunk including us, it came out of every pore in our bodies and even the walls. We escaped like criminals in a van in the middle of the night. When you tell people how bad it was you can feel they have no clue and think we’re exaggerating. I know what you’ve been through and I know it was actually far far worse than what you have written. I hope your life like ours is far more positive, and you like us haven’t forotton the experience but learnt from it and tell people, hopefully so they can learn.


  2. Many none white males actually find white women attractive. The fact that open and short term relationships, ‘friends with benefits’ and similar relations is widely regarded as the norm with some European. I guess this is where the expectation comes from. I’ve seen ‘pushy Turkish men towards white girls on my Turkish holidays (mainly on resorts) myself & found it disgusting. Yet, you wouldn’t see the same in other Muslim countries for e.g. Malaysia. It has nothing to do with racism or religion that m you’ve highligted


    1. I was in KL very recently with my partner who had the experience of being pawed and groped as we walked down a busy street at night looking for a bar. My impression was that men there are far more chauvinistic and entitled compared to Australia.


    2. It is not the norm. By a huge margin it is not the norm. It is however what certain types focus on and persuade themselves to be true, framing white women as “thot”s so they can have a clean conscience about their deplorable and very unwelcome behaviour. Been there, experienced that.


  3. Interesting website and articles – I look forward to seeing more of them. The problem I fear is that the younger generation ( which to me now is anyone under 40! ) is so indoctrinated to be Woke that by and large any sane voices are drowned out. Its not helped by the far right crazies who then give justification to the Woke to say “See how bad white people are!”

    Anyway keep up the website info.


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